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Smoke ‘N’ Mirrors

I’ve never written a post whilst “in the thick of it” before. But one of my values is authenticity. We often forget our struggles when we come out the other side and often some of the biggest lessons are lost if not shared when we are truly at our most vulnerable. I’m out of alignment…

Three Years in Eating Disorder Recovery

Sat in the car with Ben driving me to my first ED therapy session was the scariest day of my life, but it was also the beginning of my life. Sounds dramatic, well it was. I sobbed the entire way, I yelled at him when we got stuck in traffic and the prospect of missing…

Navigating Work and Recovering From an Eating Disorder.

Might work be an area that requires your attention in ED recovery? If I was to ask you what one of your most challenging situations in recovery has been, I expect a lot of you will answer, navigating recovery and work. What is it about work that makes it difficult to remain in recovery or…