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I believe recovery is possible for anyone

We all deserve food freedom and a life beyond an eating disorder prison

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A little quote..

Someone I love wrote this on a card. And it really resonated. Acts of kindness and encouragement can mean the world when you are struggling. I wanted to share these words of encouragement because they are so powerful. Your recovery must come first so that everything you love doesn’t come last. Be willing to be…

EDAW, Infertility, Pregnancy Loss

Standing perusing the new born baby clothes in a department store to pick a gift for my expectant friend. I feel my eyes welling up and a lump in my throat. This week would be the week my husband and I would have been expecting to welcome our own rainbow baby. Instead I’m choosing a…

Smoke ‘N’ Mirrors

I’ve never written a post whilst “in the thick of it” before. But one of my values is authenticity. We often forget our struggles when we come out the other side and often some of the biggest lessons are lost if not shared when we are truly at our most vulnerable. I’m out of alignment…